Yucca Smart Hotel Lock TC-YC

//Yucca Smart Hotel Lock TC-YC


Yucca Hotel Lock

۱٫ Used for Brief Introduction

TC-YC RF card door lock system suitable for the middle and high end hotels.

۲٫ Brief Introduction

TC-YC Mifare RF Card lock System adopts the advacest Holland PHILIPS Mifare500 Microwave Sensor Module and th M1 Senor card as it’s key card, the lock will be opened if only the card passes by the surface of the lock. It is easy and convenient, and the enjoyment of hightech.

TC-YC inductive card lock system mainly include: inductive card door lock, card issue computer, read-write ma-chine, card issue management software, inductive card, power saving switch, etc.


The advanced microwave sensing technology—Even if the card is put in a black wallet, the lock can be easily op-en. So that we overcome the limitation that the traditional infrared inductive lock cannot be normally used under the too strong or too weak light.
The advanced Handset machine—this device not only can download the unlocking records from the lock, but also can initialize and setup the locks.
High accuracy standard Time setting—used the handset machine to setup the realtime, avoid the each lock time have big difference.
Patent double lock bolt protect function—-when door is opened, the inside room double-lock-bolt can not stretch out.
Suitable for the one card solution system—- M1 card is encrypted with 16 independent sectors. One card can easily open the elevator and door locks, consumption(POS), park management, check on work attendance and other functions.
Comprehensive and strict safety-design— encrypted inductive card; the right to open the lock with management card is subdivided to individual room, and we can administer according to time; using both card and key to open the lock are recorded; if the door isn’t shut, the lock will function alarm system.; the structure accords with inter-national standard which has five latches; mechanical key for special emergency; the material of inductive hood is enhanced polyester which is solid and difficult to be destroyed.
Preferred by high-star hotels—we select Philips Mifare which is the most safe and stable, and the most techno-logically advanced sensor module currently.

۴٫ Main Functions

Management Classifications—emergency, general manager, manager, supervisor, operator, guest, administer totally 7 types management type cards.
۱۶ different types of cards: emergency card, master card, supervisor card(Multi-room card), floor card, guest card, back up card, always open card, temporary card, disable card, terminating card, locking card, system card, room number card, time card, setup card, clear card.
Time Limited Function—As long as the guest is expected to check out, the guest card will be inoperative automatically.
Valid time can be setup as you need—card can be setup the valid date and time as you need.
The Record Function—the lock records the latest 200 times unlocking information.
The Function of Avoiding Disturbing—after the door is locked from the inside, any card except emergency card cannot open the lock.
The Function of Alarm—once the batteries’ voltage is not enough, the door isn’t totally closed and other abn-ormal situations, the lock will keep to warm the user by buzzer.
Always-locked Function—the lock can be set into always locked condition, sweep the guest card of this room, lock return to the normal condition.
The Function of supervisor card (Multi-room card)—we can use one guest card to open several different flooring rooms’ locks if necessary.
The Access Function—when necessary, we can set four kinds of locks which are room-access, floor access, building access, and general access.

۵٫Other characters

interface — TC-YC locks system is aviable to works together with the other manegement software, we can supply the lock interface if the hotel needed.
Material —adopts alloy, stainless steel, or pure copper, sturdy and durable.
Surface finishing—adopts the Nano plating processing, at least 5 years without fade.
Mortise—Standard five latches, surface use the  Electrophoresis paint electroplating tech, at least 10 years rustless.
PCB—–High precision automatic placement machine SMT process, Conformal coating.
The strict test—high temperature resistant test, aging test, vibration test, and so on tests.
info sign—Red, yellow, and green colors indicator, buzzer signal.
Two type keys for select:
A) one key can open all of rooms
B) each room has 2pcs related keys
Left /Right handle directions for select.

۶٫Lock Parameter

Chip level

Technical grade


۶۴ AA alkalescency batteries, DC 6V, USE LIFE: one year normally

working temperature


Static working current


Motor starting current


Open lock time


Antistatic interference ability


Low power alaarm


Door not closed alarm

Lock will voice if  the door not be closed well

Unlock records

At least 260pcs unlock records
(both keys and card are have records)
lasting quality>۱۰۰۰۰۰ times
Use life>۱۰year
accepted for door thickness38~55mm
recommend door thickness42~45mm
average failure rateNormal use <۱/۵۰۰۰۰ times
Lock weight3.8kg

۷٫Card management system

Suitable for Windows/NT/XP/VISTA/Win7 systems, adopts the C programming language, database using SQL-Sever2000, both Chinese /English language for choice, friendly interface, intuitive and clear, convenient operation.

Card management system tasks: Issue/Manage cards.

Devices of the system: Computer (prepared by buyers), Mifare card, Encoder, Software, hadset machine, USB cable etc.
The main functions of the management software:

Issue/manage all of the cards.
System setup——setting the check out time, system password, system time, room number setting according to hotel needed.
operator classification——Each operator has hisself ID number and password, Prevent any excessive operation.
room state management—-allow to setup many types room states as hotel needed: dirty room,clear room,main-tenance room,booking room.
The perfect guest card management——team check in, individual check in, extend, change room, check out and so on funtions.
Network issue card functions——support many coputers issue cards, save and sharing the same database.
Memory function—save all of the issue card records, operate records, and the card info.
inquires function——the issue card records, guest info, unlocking records can be printed as a list.
Hardware equipment management——setup the communication parameters etc.

Yucca Smart Hotel Lock TC-YC


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