EB-YC Safebox


EB-YC Safebox

۱. suitable for
EB-YC electronic password safe is suitable for family, hotel, office and so.
۲. Characteristics

In the 1 ~ 6 digits passwords, hotel type safe box also has the management password in case of guest forget his or her password
Disconnect the power of inside and outside, the password still retained for ten years.
The safe box body through can fixed on the wall or the ground by screws.
The EB-YC series electric type safe input the correct password, the door will opened automatically
Alarm:3 times error password,or lower battery will have alarm info equipped with external battery box
mechanical keys can opening in emergency, key type can be a single keys or master key type.
accords with anti-theft safe standard GB10409-89

۳.Technical parameters

surface treatment—-Coating process ( ten years do not fade and rust)
box material—A3 steel plate of high quality, door 5mm,box of 2mm,
Box color—Black,gray or white
Box size—–H300×W480×L420mm, can put the laptop
working voltage—–4pcs AA batteries (alkalescence)use life about one year

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