JS-YC Sauna Lock

//JS-YC Sauna Lock


1.Suitable for

GS-YC suitable for sauna center, hot-spring, water park, swimming center and so on centers.


The characteristics of GS-YC locker lock are adopts the Switzerland EM card as it’s key, preeminent security, convenient use, handy management and elegant appearance. It is widely used in sauna center, sports center, storage facilities, office, archives and other occasions.
The GS-YC system adopts the Using EM radio frequency IC card(۱۲۵Khz) as its key, sweep the card on the lock surface can open the cabinet, no need touch the card on the lock.


Convenient for consumption.
Different levels —management card , staff card, guest cards, management card can used for issue new cards or cancel the old cards.
patent tamper-resistant type design.
Vogue and elegant design on appearance.
Hidden handle, good-looking and convenient.
Can be set to single or dual-card mode.
lots of colors for your choice.
have the emergency device to open the lock on the emergency(avoid broke the lock or locker).
Low-voltage alarm (under 3V will alarm).
External battery box: can use external battery to supply power if the user forget change the battery.

۴٫ Others

bracelet-style card, take convenience, waterproof ,thermostability
Lock a tongue route of travel 12 mms;
DC4.5, 3pcs AA alkaline batteries for each lock, battery use life one year at normally use.

JS-YC Sauna Lock


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