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Trends in smart door locks

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What’s trending in the world of smart door locks? A new study identifies consumer demands for 2016 and beyond. A co-published report from IFSECGlobal and ASSA ABLOY reveals answers to key questions about the growing market for smart locks. What do consumers think a digital door lock should do? How do they want to access their [...]

Generation Z and the next wave

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Generation Z. iGeneration. Screenagers. The generation born between 1995 and 2009 goes by many monikers. But, whatever you call them, these young people are having a huge influence on the world – that will include the world of physical security. Generation Z has never lived in an offline world. It is this constant connectivity, this [...]

برای استفاده از تخفیف ٨٠٠٠٠٠ تومانی در خرید اول قفل های دیجیتال شماره موبایل خود رو وارد کنید.